To Whom It May Concern

I know those of you who read this blog on a regular basis are craving a thought-provoking post, however I have been very busy as of late (what else is new?) and have been unable to create anything to satisfy that insatiable appetite- aside from another letter... I promise an actual post soon, but as…Read more To Whom It May Concern


Reality Check[ers]

Although I've made quite a name for myself by writing long winded, very methodical and philosophical essays on here, I would also like to remind many of you (the few that read, or maybe one day will read this) that I, being made from the hands of God, am a subordinate and dastardly creature, who…Read more Reality Check[ers]

Special Promo Offer!

Hey everyone! My new book Sleepless Dreams is 40% off this week only! If you follow my blog and enjoy my work and ministry this is $6.00 very well spent. Don't miss out on showing your support for me this week ONLY. To buy click here, and thank you! 🙂  

Take My Hand

So, despite my best efforts, I've managed to sell only one copy of my new book (how strange indeed!) In order to boost sales and try to get my name out there, I've decided to post a snippet of page one of Sleepless Dreams for all my amazing followers. Please enjoy and click here to buy my…Read more Take My Hand

You Wish

  It's been awhile since I posted something that was plaguing my mind, rather than an essay or school assignment I've grown fond of. That being said, I would like to introduce some thoughts I've been entertaining lately in a series of posts. Accepting Reality During my absence from blogging some big news happened... I…Read more You Wish

Forgotten Historians

Things have been a little chaotic lately- to say the least. I've been working hard on new poems and drinking lots of caffeine in the meantime. I began writing some spectacular insights this week, however with a busy holiday weekend approaching, I doubt I'll finish them any time soon. In lieu of those works just…Read more Forgotten Historians

Perfectly Imperfect

The following is a letter I wrote addressed to my father concerning the differences between us. My parents had me at a late stage in life, past the time when most would even consider having more children. For this reason there has been a large "generational gap" between us, and as I have started growing…Read more Perfectly Imperfect