So, despite my best efforts, I’ve managed to sell only one copy of my new book (how strange indeed!) In order to boost sales and try to get my name out there, I’ve decided to post a snippet of page one of Sleepless Dreams for all my amazing followers. Please enjoy and click here to buy my book! Thank you 🙂



This is still quite new to me

(I’m not sure what I’ve done.)

Should I use parentheses?

(Oh dear it has begun!)

A poetry book?

(You must be crazy!)

Well this is just page one…

(Take my hand)

And you will see

(The journey’s just begun!)

The poems go back and forth

(Across the pages so!)

Some will rhyme in perfect time

(And others will not flow.)

From broken hearts

(those poor farts)

The ballads come and go.

(They plant seeds)

Which then make leaves

(That always grow and grow!)


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