For a few months now I’ve begun entertaining the thought of writing a poetry book that contains a scheme of rhyme and non rhyme poems. Below is an excerpt of a prologue I’m considering, which deeply emphasises the importance of poetic form in today’s culture and the ability to recognize its beauty. Enjoy!



In modern American culture poetry is seldom recognized as the great art it once was. While hip-hop artists and pop stars revel in the glory of their autotuned “masterpieces”, those who practice in the articulate and complex culture of authentic balladry have been pushed to the wayside. The sad realities of the world today have forced books of poetry into the back corners of dusty library shelves- to become as skeletons lost in the universe of the DDC. Simply put- poetry is no longer in fashion or demand unless sung by idiots on a stage, and even then it is often misrepresented. Politicians and historians use verse when persuading their audiences; trying hard to portray themselves or others as heroic individuals, and although Aristotle may approve of such conduct, those of us who have poured our lives and legacies into this field, do not! Is that all we see in poetry now? Entertainment and convenience? Surely my contemporaries are weeping in their graves at such news! What travesty awaits such an ignorant, uncultured America; their selfish hearts have grown fat with discare, their youth poisoned by diabetic complacency- what a repugnant bloodstream the sinners have! Has our nation truly forgotten the importance of these literary phenomena? I pray not, and wish deep in my soul that this merely be an untimely sedation for our people.

Growing up in a Pentecostal church, one might imagine the strong emphasis put on me as a child to learn the Psalms and Proverbs of the Old Testament. The laments of David and the wisdom of King Solomon poured out upon those ancient pages of God’s word became my first true exposure to poetry, and would become the foundation of my passion forevermore. As the American culture strayed from Judeo-Christian values, they also began to stray from the basis of all western literature, that is of course, The Holy Bible and its aforementioned notabilities. Losing sight of these pivotal works, America has been launched into an era of ignominy, masked by fools-gold economists and bureaucrats, who rather than stand for true societal enlightenment, would be much more content splurging upon the stupidity of the common people. Brainwashed we are, and happily so! While our eyes remain glued to media outlets that decide the world we think we live in, our brothers and sisters lay in their own abodes and contemplate themselves secretly. Big Brother has realized an Orwellian level of power, and with phantom stealth has taken our unity from under our noses, evenmoreso in broad daylight, replacing it with backyard barbecues and sweet-sixteen birthday parties. We are a spoiled and forgotten people to allow such an intolerable act, and as such practically deserve the punishing sentence of its consequence.

Alas, I am not here to condemn my fellow Americans, nor to condone their actions, but to recall within them a better way once learned, or perhaps never learned, but now to be said for all to recognize. Poetry shall forever stand as a tool for the edification of the human spirit; for the upliftment of education, the arts, religion, and all persons, and as such will always be prevalent and unconquerable. He who seeks to cleanse the world of poetic form will always find it able to be ridden from the nation, and perhaps the legislation, and even the manuscripts, but not from the individual- for within us all is the ultimate poem of livelihood, written by God himself and entangled beside the genetic makeup of His handiwork. All of humanity longs to hear the balladry of Our Creator, and shall witness it once again on that glorious day of His return! Yes, it is with great confidence that I proclaim the majesty of God’s temperament- how timely we will see His word brought back into the commonalities of our world. I pray that this book, as an attribution to His allure, be the beginning of another Great Awakening, and that the American people, nay- the world- become once again interested in the ordeals of the Divine Architect and Novelist of all history.

Despite the tediousness of exploring oneself, motive after motive, and writing such ugly truths upon paper, there is a relief seldom found within the modernity of our hustle bustle world which can only be ascribed to the power of God. I beseech you with these following pages of my craft, to try such tasks yourself! A better world awaits those who dare seek introspective courage- and those who choose against it live in sheol! My newfound friend, take close heed to my request: write a poem, and see for yourself that you be not entranced with those things which bother you most. See, if not for only an instant, that this convoluted world may pass away, and that the miracle of words might draw nigh to you. Again, I will beg you and your conscience withal – write and see thine deliverance be nigh.


– Jeremiah Luther


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