I originally wrote this for my sister who was experiencing some difficult times. Despite it’s specificity in some areas, it’s easily applicable to anyone contemplating their God and in need of encouragement. Please enjoy! 

Dear Amelia,

Remember when we were kids at the pool… how the water would be so cold and frigid that we would dip a single toe in at a time, then another, then our lower body, and then dunk our heads under the water? Remember the movement of the waves, the chlorine up our noses and the slow acclimation to the temperature? Remember our squealing young voices, chastised by mom as she sat in a lawn chair and told us not to splash the water out of the pool? Remember our rebuttal to her request- our desperate pleas for her to join us in the water? Remember the tranquility after an hour of swimming? All of us exhausted, trying to lie on our backs and float against the noontide sun. Tears well in my eyes as I recall the most precious things in life. Family unbroken; joy unfathomable to the human mind. The memories of our childhood, though three years apart, are the strong pillars to a temple of love and understanding in which we both dwell. You are my sister. I am honored to have spent the past seventeen years of my life knowing you as such. Summer trips to the pool is just one of the countless stories to be retold to your children one day.

It is important in every stage of life to receive encouragement. Without encouragement, a soul becomes dry. In its parched drought, it cracks, making future restoration a long, complicated, and hurtful process. It is my prayer that you have not reached this point, and that I can offer a moment of stability to what has been a chaotic past few months. This letter is not an endorsement of your actions, nor a condemnation, but rather a reminder of who you are to our family and to Christ’s family as you inaugurate a new chapter in your life. It is my intention to uplift you and prepare you for the coming days. I love you and support you; I believe in your ability to reason.

Knowledge is an asset of prudence. If a person wishes to plan for their future, they must first be knowledgeable enough to make wise decisions. We are all born into this world naked, and will leave it naked, but our legacy remains. The greatest names in our countries history- Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, Lincoln, Roosevelt- live on not because of their possession of materials, but because of their possession of knowledge. It is to such great of a degree that you too should esteem yourself. It is for this reason that I ask you not to place your trust in the ways of this world, but in the wisdom of God and his eternal being. Every choice to be made in your life, should be made with the adherence to the one who gave you that sacred right, and He should be uplifted as such through every action you take.

The reality of our human condition is not one of complication or complexity. We need God. We need God for our imperfections. We need God for our weaknesses- that they may be made strong suits of our faith. Often times the world around us portrays Christianity as an excuse to be sloven and complacent; they say that God forgives us, so we need not try. I’m certain that such a corrupt idea will be whispered in your ear repeatedly, and will echo into your forethoughts in the years to come. I want to warn you against such amoral ideals. The Bible says that Jesus came so that we could not only have life, but have life more abundantly. This should be the epicenter of a Christian’s walk with Christ- that God sent His son, not only to die for the remission of our sins, but to rid us of the agony and ravishing stagnation that comes with it.

You are more than a person free of sin. You are a person free of sin who has the power through the Holy Spirit and Christ’s blood to forgive others, to lead others, and to change the heart’s and mind’s of our generation. In no other day or age has the presence of God been as tangible, as raw and unrestrained, as it is today. God’s love is pouring down from heaven. His eyes are searching the earth. He is calling in the night, “Who will I send? Who will go?” We hear these cries. Eyes wide, our souls bulging at the supplication of His spirit. It is midnight. We hear His cry. It is morning. We hear His cry. One o’clock. Two o’clock. Three o’clock. Hour after hour after hour. Seven o’clock and eight o’clock and nine o’clock and ten o’clock. The unabating spirit of God cries out through the deep to His chosen people. His anointed ones hear His cry. Through tortured minds and bloodshot eyes we hear Him. We doubt Him. But we hear Him. We contemplate His plans for us. But we hear Him. We question whether the call is meant for us, whether our lives have fully measured up to His standards. But we hear Him. We hear Him and we think to ourselves of all the sacrifice our ancestors have made. We recall the sweet homily of our grandparents and patriarchs. We inhale sharply; exhale impatiently.

In these last days God has promised to pour out his spirit upon all flesh. We are the vessels, the vehicles of His grace and purpose for this world. God is a chivalrous gentleman. He does not intrude on the lives of those He adores- He is not a standing army. He knocks and waits. Like a thief in the night He executes His will under our noses, behind the scenes of our cardboard cutout meetings and agendas, He pillages silently the hearts of the afflicted. It is not through institutions or church denominations that God proves His dominion over the Earth. It is through the believer, who hears the relentless cry, raises their hand, and says “Here I am Lord, send Me!” By doing such, a Christian chooses to live their life to the standard with which Jesus’ death entitled them, and becomes a channel with which God’s love can now flow.

As a young woman of God, I believe it is your responsibility to receive this call. It is your responsibility to be a prophet to those around you- the mouthpiece of God in a Godless society. I beg you, in your new venture, do not waiver from the side of the Lord. Remain true to God and believe steadfastly in the reward of your afflictions. For nothing of true value ever came without a heavy cost, and no cost was ever too heavy for the endurement of true faith.

To secure your future with Christ you must educate yourself in His principles. In order to become the person He has called you be, to lead the life and legacy He has endowed you with, you are required to draw near to him. Earthly things crumble to pieces, but the knowledge you receive of God and the heritage you leave with it become focal points for future generations after you. This is why it is ever so crucial that you know who God is. It is easy to define yourself by attainable objects and entities. That is not who you are. You are a child of God. If you do not yet know Him, you do not yet know yourself. The more you discover Him, the more you discover youself. You are married, a bride and groom, made one in the matrimonial ceremony of His death and resurrection.

Silver and gold have I none, but what I do have, I give to thee. ❤

In love and dignity,

Jeremiah Luther


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